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Wazaap is sensitive to ensuring the privacy and security of users in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Wazaap, which processes personal data within the framework of the GDPR, uses these data only for the operation of the system. Collected data are absolutely required for the service to perform. It does not share, sell or use them for commercial purposes these data. They are never shared with third parties unless required by the law.

Wazaap is not affiliated with Facebook and its subsidiary Whatsapp Inc. Wazaap, which does not have the power of disposition on the aforementioned platforms, cannot be held responsible for any natural or legal person and their activities.

Refunds are at Wazaap's discretion. Wazaap will evaluate refund requests transparent and fairly.

If it is detected that the user has acted contrary to the Agreement of Use while using the services on the site, the account may be closed without warning and the relevant user's access to the site may be stopped. Wazaap has the right to suspend / cancel the account with or without informing the user. This does not impose any legal liability on the Wazaap platform. Wazaap might make changes to the website, any service it offers, terminate the service completely or temporarily disable it.

Wazaap declares with this User Agreement that it is not responsible for any problems or losses caused by technical errors. The negativities that may occur as a result of the user's negligence are also not under the responsibility of the Wazaap platform. Using the site means that this provision and all points set forth herein are approved. Later objections will not be valid.

Wazaap strictly forbids spamming. All acts that violate the privacy and security of other users, actions against the law, actions against WhatsApp T.O.S., anything that may harm the operation of the site are prohibited within the scope of the use of this site. It is up to the Wazaap platform to enforce the necessary sanctions in case of violation of this rule.

Each user is obliged to accept, approve and comply with all provisions stated here, with no exceptions. It is also the user's responsibility to read the Whatsapp Terms of Use and adhere to the relevant terms.

Wazaap cannot interfere with the terms and conditions of other platforms. The problems that may arise in case of violation of the Wazaap User Agreement will not be the responsibility of Wazaap, and the user will be responsible for the relevant situations.

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